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Modular Urban Transport Safety and Security Analysis

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Making urban transport safer

An EU-funded project has investigated how urban-guided transport can be made safer and more secure.

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Urban transport systems vary widely and include metros, light rails, trams and commuter trains. As the complexities of and pressures on these transport modes rise, it is important that they are able to maintain as well as improve on their safety measures. Meanwhile, security is becoming an increasingly important consideration. An EU-funded research project, 'Modular urban transport safety and security analysis' (MODSAFE), reviewed measures in place in the sector, in different cities, and what hazards may present in the future. Armed with this knowledge, the project partners looked to define the requirements for relevant future technological innovations. The initiative involved a large number of authorities and transport industry representatives from across Europe, creating a network to focus on establishing common goals and standards. Project partners concluded that it would be difficult to justify the creation of a dedicated Europe-wide authority to cover this area. So, instead they focused on getting acceptance for standards relating to proven and certified technologies. MODSAFE found examples of best practices and innovation in the sector and shared these widely through network of operators meetings and also the project website at The close links established during the project have helped to define a common strategy to optimise urban-guided transport. Project findings are being applied in the construction of new transport systems and in the upgrading of existing ones. Public transport is the lifeline of cities — MODSAFE worked to ensure that the public can depend on these vital services in the future.

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