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Functional liquid Crystalline dendrimers: Synthesis of New Materials, Resource for New Applications

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Developing applications for new polymers

Dendrimers are large manmade polymers, whose atoms are arranged in branches and sub-branches. These radiate out from a central spine of carbon atoms.

Industrial Technologies

The EU-funded 'Functional liquid crystalline dendrimers: Synthesis of new materials, resource for new applications' (Dendreamers) project is investigating new materials such as polymers for possible use in the areas of biomedicine and advanced molecular materials. The consortium is taking two approaches. The first has been to study the synthesis of liquid crystal (LC) dendrimers, which can change colour on exposure to light and alter their shape in the presence of an electric field. The second approach has been the use of fullerene-based LC dendrimers for the treatment of diseases. The Dendreamers initiative will also coordinate the training of PhD and post-doctoral researchers so that their valuable work into the synthesis of new materials can be directly applied to the industrial sector. The training of personnel will accelerate the spread of knowledge within Europe through industrial collaboration. Dissemination of skills and knowledge will help to increase the industrial application of new materials developed by universities and research bodies. This collaboration provides information about the latest techniques and developments, enabling better planning for current and future research. In addition, it will provide a valuable boost to the EU's growing knowledge economy.

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