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Days of Socio-Economy: Education, Employment, Europe

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Consolidating education and employment knowledge

Much research has been done in the last three EU Framework Programmes on education and employment in Europe. The time has come to consolidate this research and present it under a unified web portal.

Climate Change and Environment

The EU Fifth Framework Programme (FP5) and FP6 saw the conclusion of many valuable projects related to education and employment. In light of this, the EU-funded project 'Days of socio-economy: Education, employment, Europe' (Tripl-e Dose) aimed to make use of the projects' results and disseminate them to interested parties. It focused on transferring practical knowledge on employment and education to stakeholders, including policymakers. Tripl-e Dose aimed to receive feedback from target groups and outline valuable recommendations that benefit these two spheres as well as enhance communication. In 2006, the project hosted a conference called 'Education, employment, Europe' that gave birth to new ideas on cooperation. It attracted over 100 participants from different corners of Europe and results and recommendations were published on the project's website. The latter made it possible for stakeholders to download valuable data on the topic. The project also oversaw a follow-up seminar titled 'Framework Programmes and European Social Fund for education and employment in Europe' which delved into FP7 research topics. The seminar identified the needs of the education and employment sectors, attracting the participation of 45 attendees. Presentations from the seminar were also made available on the website and, along with results from previous initiatives, have helped disseminate the project's outcomes for the benefit of stakeholders.

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7 November 2022