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Regional empowerment in actions and concepts for policy development and technology transfer

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In support of policies for research and development

Policymaking guidelines have assisted different regions of Europe to build bridges among and advance their research and development (R&D) capabilities as well.

Climate Change and Environment

Different EU regions offer different yet compatible strengths and areas of competence that advance the European economy, particularly if they work closely together. Bringing firms and authorities from these regions to collaborate together yields considerable improvements in technology transfer, sustainability and policymaking. The EU-funded project 'Regional empowerment in actions and concepts for policy development and technology transfer' (REACT) upgraded R&D in European regions through enhanced policymaking related to technology transfer. It worked to improve the transfer of technology between industry and research organisations in order to further public research, in addition to forming solid bridges between policymakers, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and researchers. Representing six European regions, the project team helped enhanced technology transfer among them through certain activities, both within the areas themselves and among them as well. REACT also disseminated its methodology and policy guidelines emerging from its conferences to support policymaking in R&D. This documentation helped shed light on opportunities and challenges in microtechnologies and nanotechnologies, raising awareness about these two important fields as well. The project ended with a mandate to support REACT's purpose and initiatives even after its expiry. This helps ensure that the road to better research and improved regional coordination will be paved with excellent policymaking.

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