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Synergetic Process Integration for Efficient Micro and Nano Manufacture

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Better coordination for micro- and nano-manufacturing

MicroNanoManufacturing Technologies (MNMTs) are emerging at an accelerated rate requiring coordination of research activities in a way that links organisations and initiatives on national and international levels, disseminates and promotes results and facilitates their rapid passage from laboratory to industry. EU-funded researchers have established a related technology platform and research agenda that promises to do just that.

Industrial Technologies

EU-funded researchers developed the ‘Synergetic process integration for efficient micro and nano manufacture’ (Microsapient) project to create and implement a focused and sustainable European-wide infrastructure and roadmap linking MNMTs to support a number of critical EU sectors. the consortium sought to broaden the range of micro-systems–based products and enhance their capabilities with new materials and processes compatible with current integrated circuit (IC)-based industrial fabrication methods. A thorough analysis of emerging projects and gaps preventing their industrial integration enabled three critical and lasting contributions to coordination of European MNMT projects. First, the project consortium formed the micro- and nano-manufacturing (MINAM) European Technology Platform (ETP). Second, it created the associated Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) consisting of manufacturing roadmaps subsequently used to formulate Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) calls for proposals. Finally, the Microsapient project team created the project website and published a project newsletter both aligned with MINAM. in addition to the above, numerous promotional activities were undertaken including presentations at key European, Asian and North American forums. the Microsapient project made significant progress in establishing coordination and consolidation entities for European micro- and nano-manufacturing research and technology development (RTD) as well as providing roadmaps for related strategic research plans. Better coordination of MNMT projects should help facilitate an expansion of micro-systems–based products and capabilities and position the EU as a leader in MNMT.

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18 January 2023