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Transforming nano-particles into sustainable consumer products through advanced product and process formulation

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Design guide for nanoparticles-based consumer products

Nanoparticles between one and 100 nanometres in size represent the link between bulk materials and atomic structures. EU-funded researchers developed product and process development tools that should enhance the incorporation of nanoparticles in consumer products, improving performance while providing economic and environmental benefits.

Industrial Technologies

Nanoparticles are present in the nanopowders, nanoclusters and nanocrystals used to make other structures. However, whereas it is relatively easy to define the desired characteristics of a structure, substances on the nanoscale may exhibit size-dependent properties that must be understood in order to achieve desired bulk properties. Fluids containing nanoparticles dispersed in them (suspensions) have wide application in medicine, energy and industrial and consumer devices to name only a few. European researchers supported by funding for the ‘Transforming nanoparticles into sustainable consumer products through advanced product and process formulation’ (Proform) project sought to enhance understanding of nanoparticle cluster processing, in particular as related to nanoparticle cluster formation and break-up in liquids. The overall objective was to further the development of process tools and methodologies for the design and manufacture of consumer products. Researchers established protocols for characterisation of nanoparticles and their behaviour in fluids and used them to create a database of relevant physical properties. In addition, the team investigated hydrodynamics and the stability of suspensions as well as the effects of processing conditions on these via both experimental methods and simulations. As a result, the Proform team delivered a design guide and software-based formulation advisor for the various liquids, nanoparticles and process devices investigated. Use of the Proform guide and software tool has the potential to enhance the properties of nanoparticles-based products developed, minimise processing procedures and reduce waste to achieve significant economic and environmental benefits.

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