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Micro and Nanotechnologies going to Eastern Europe through Networking

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Stimulating nanotechnology EU-wide

Micro and nanotechnologies (MNTS) may be the next economic and industrial frontier for new European members, especially for countries in Eastern Europe.

Industrial Technologies

MNTs could represent an important economic driver for Europe, including the EU's New Member States. The EU-funded project 'Micro and Nanotechnologies going to Eastern Europe through Networking' (Minaeast-NET) helped involve organisations and companies from these countries in EU projects on MNTs. The project enhanced networking among France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia through workshops, meetings, exhibitions and events, building bridges between old and new EU States. It created an inventory of researchers and research organisations, stimulating partnerships for EU projects through the project's website and promoting contacts among centres with similar interests. On a local level this helped industrial partners enforce their networks, while on a European level it encouraged links with international MNT networks. The project represented a valuable source of information on data and resources related to MNTs around Europe, focusing on relevant organisations' strengths and enhancing cooperation. It promoted international partnerships, facilitated entry into EU projects and held workshops on the topic. Information on resources, results and potential partners was made available through the web page ensuring wide dissemination of important knowledge, as well as through digital media, publications and events. This is an important step in strengthening MNT activities in Europe and boosting the economy with novel technologies that will make EU nations pioneers in the field.

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18 January 2023