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Transport research cooperation flourishes

Enhanced collaboration in the transport sector on a Europe-wide scale facilitates research to help the EU articulate pivotal transport priorities and unify the sector.

Climate Change and Environment

If the EU is to flourish as a single economic entity, it must view its transport system, which powers trade, commerce and tourism, in a more holistic manner. The EU-funded project ERA-NET Transport articulated a European vision for transport research based on joint procedures and project management models. It aimed to facilitate the work of policymakers by outlining challenges and priorities ahead, in addition to transforming national transport research initiatives into pan-European ones. The project started by mapping and benchmarking research and cooperation mechanisms in Europe. It created cooperation models and guidelines for cross-European research, including approaches for proposal evaluation, joint financing and project management. This was achieved by analysing best programme management practices and collaborative initiatives in the transport sectors, outlining as well important barriers to collaboration. Moreover, ERA-NET Transport articulated a common research agenda and built a database of 250 transport research programmes in Europe that would further a unified transport vision. It also prepared a foresight study for the sector and outlined future priorities for transport research, thanks to strong support from European transport researchers. Another important achievement involved mapping transport research activities of Member States and European and international organisations. All the initiatives under the project represent a vital step in upgrading European transport research, helping to harness the benefits of improved cooperation in the sector.

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