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Off-shore Renewable Energy Conversion platforms – Coordination Action

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A roadmap for sustainable ocean energy

An EU-funded project has drawn up a roadmap for offshore renewable energy using knowledge from around the world. The roadmap will lead the EU towards innovative, economical and environmentally friendly policies for wind, wave and other ocean energies.


Multinational companies, research institutions, consultancies, utilities and project developers were all part of the ʹOff-shore renewable energy conversion platforms ? Coordination Actionʹ (Orecca) consortium. The team established the state of available technologies, reduced fragmentation in the industry, and identified priorities for offshore wind, wave, and tidal stream energies. They also devised ways of integrating these energy resources for use in aquaculture and to monitor marine mammals, birds and fish. The project results are available on the website as policy, technology, scenario and roadmap documents. The web portal also provides the network and other interested parties with an events calendar for internal and external meetings. The roadmap will advise decision makers, scientists and industries on how to grow the offshore renewable energy sector in a sustainable, eco-friendly manner. The results will also support other related Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) initiatives.

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