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Proteins in Health and Disease

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Biomedicine - research excellence in Poland

The HEALTH-PROT initiative reinforced the infrastructure and research potential of one of the leading Polish institutes in molecular biomedicine. This EU-funded project aims to establish Poland as the reference point for state-of-the-art technologies in protein studies.


The International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IIMCB) in Warsaw ranks among the best biological research institutions in Poland. The study of proteins implicated in physiology and pathology constitutes the main research focus of the IIMCB. The vision of the EU-funded 'Proteins in health and disease' (HEALTH-PROT) project was to create a place for experienced researchers to conduct high quality research and for young scientists to obtain the best possible mentoring. To unlock the potential of the IIMCB research groups, the HEALTH-PROT project supported joint research activities with other European groups and participation in research consortia. Exchange visits by and to the European twinning partners of IIMCB were scheduled for lectures, research projects’ discussion and to explore the possibilities of common grant applications. The implemented research projects resulted in 11 manuscripts being published in peer-reviewed journals. Theincreased involvement of IIMCB scientists in funding applications met with considerable success. Additionally, HEALTH-PROT organised workshops served as a foundation for the exchange of laboratory material, expertise, methods, as well as new ideas for collaboration. A series of tools were established to promote the IIMCB's capacity and the activities of the project. This included a website, an e-bulletin on current events, an annual scientific report and representation at different scientific events. HEALTH-PROT project support is expected to bring knowledge to the region, strengthen regional research capacity and increase the credibility of IIMCB researchers. Research excellence in protein studies could lead to innovative applications in medicine and biotechnology and attract further investments.

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