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Advanced Receiver Terminal – eXtension to technology and market evolution

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A new age dawns for satellite receivers

An increase in available bandwidth for satellite applications has led to the development of receiver technology that will outdo current receivers in terms of flexibility, power, size and cost.

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Cutting-edge advances in satellite technology such as global positioning systems (GPS) and Europe's Galileo satellite navigation system have opened the door to a host of novel applications. Exploiting these new possibilities requires commercially available global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receivers beyond the current professional receivers that can handle the technology's new radio frequencies. This was the aim of the EU-funded project 'Advanced receiver terminal extension to technology and market evolution' (ART-X), which conceived a new receiver that supports all new bandwidths and modulations. It designed the new system to be flexible and adapt to upcoming technology, improving upon different technical issues of classical receivers currently being manufactured. To develop the system, the project team compared different architectures and platforms (e.g. application-specific integrated circuits and shortwave receiver technology) to define the ideal platform. After considerable testing and development, it built the ART-X prototype receiver in a way that optimised signal reception and corrected errors. Once this was achieved, the project articulated an effective business plan that considers relevant target markets, taking into account patent-related constraints and current competition. The ART-X project team also produced new knowledge related to concepts and algorithms that overcomes technical drawbacks and barriers in current technology, such as interference. Once exploitation of the technology moves forward, a variety of new satellite-based applications is set to emerge, making Europe as competitive as ever in this sector. The new, powerful receiver will boast better performance, more functionality and improved cost over its predecessors, heralding a new age in changing markets and current user needs. Building on state-of-the-art advances, satellite technology in Europe will beam with pride.

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