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Support to Ninth European Conference on Turbomachinery – Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics, Istanbul, Turkey, 21-25 March 2011

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Turbomachinery exhibition takes off

A highly successful exhibition on cutting-edge advances in turbomachinery has brought new partnerships and many innovations to different fields, from aerospace to wind-based energy.

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Considered the leading scientific European event on fluid dynamics and thermodynamics in turbomachinery design and operation, the European Turbomachinery Conference (ETC) has truly enhanced excellence in the field. In March 2011, after eight successful previous events, the ninth conference was held in Istanbul, Turkey aiming to upgrade turbomachinery in propulsion systems and energy conversion processes. The EU-funded project 'Support to ninth European conference on turbomachinery' (EUROTURBO 9) supported technology transfer across Europe in the field by presenting the latest developments and practices at the event. The project facilitated cross-fertilisation among senior scientists and users, providing a European forum for important knowledge exchange and integrating ideas from both eastern and western European nations. Out of 174 papers submitted for review to be presented at the conference, 134 were accepted, showing an increase of 24 % over the last conference. The papers represented a vigorous mix of authors from academia, industry and research centres, with 14 notable papers being selected for journal publication. The conference itself attracted over 280 participants, including students and researchers, with major contributions from Germany and Italy but also from the Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey. Conference presentations highlighted important contributions to theory, design methods, optimisation, reliability and operability in turbomachinery. Key topics of interest included blade design, three-dimensional (3D) advances, unsteady flows, heat transfer, aero-elasticity, noise, thermodynamics and two-phase flows. These topics were of particular interest to research workers, design engineers and users of turbomachinery, furthering knowledge transfer and improving cross-fertilisation among leading technologies. Overall, EUROTURBO 9 fulfilled its goal as a primary driver for technology transfer across Europe in this field, presenting an exciting array of cutting-edge developments, best practices and innovations. Supported by high quality lectures, technical tours and emerging publications, the bi-annual conference has become a leading event for the field. From more efficient aero-jet engines and steam turbines to compressors and wind turbines, this new age in turbomachinery will benefit the economy, industry and citizens in exciting new ways.

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