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Integrated Solutions for Improve the quality of the rest

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A good night's sleep

How can we ensure a good night's sleep? A team of scientists looked at new technologies to design a new system enhancing our hours of rest.

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Although we often take it for granted, sleep is one of the most essential elements for our physical and mental well-being. Often, bedrooms are far from optimised to ensure the quality of rest needed. An international team of researchers worked to improve all aspects of our sleeping environment and to develop technologies that promote deeper, more restorative sleep. Collaborating on the EU-funded research project 'Integrated solutions for improve the quality of the rest' (ALL4REST), they developed new sleep-conductive materials, investigated the use of aromatherapy scents, thermoregulation materials and designed automatic monitoring and temperature-control systems. Combining eco-friendly materials and advanced processing technologies, the project team developed new biofibre-based clothes for nightwear. Benefits include a softer, more comfortable feel, as well as being better for the skin in comparison to conventional materials. Turning their attention to mattresses, the team developed a 'Phase Change Material' system. Using novel reactive materials, the bed is able to automatically adjust to temperature changes and release suitable sleep-enhancing scents. The project successfully tested various innovative manufacturing processes for the new technologies in order to assess their commercial viability. ALL4REST showcased its prototype products at a number of top international design fairs, where they garnered significant interest from within the design community. The market potential is being developed in further ongoing collaboration. With a huge potential market, the innovative technologies could bring large economic benefits for manufacturers, while for millions of people it could lead to many better nights of slumber.

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