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Architecture for the Recognition of thrEats to mobile assets using Networks of multiple Affordable sensors

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Surveillance system to automatically detect security threats on land and at sea

An EU initiative developed an automated surveillance system concept that monitors key infrastructure and cargo vehicles. On detection of a threat of terrorism or piracy, the system alerts concerned persons and/or authorities.

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Criminal groups, including terrorists, could target key infrastructure such as critical mobile assets. Whether by hijacking or theft, such actions would cause significant disruption. However, automated monitoring systems could quickly alert concerned parties. The EU-funded ARENA (Architecture for the recognition of threats to mobile assets using networks of multiple affordable sensors) project set out to design a flexible surveillance system that detects and recognises threats to trucks, trains, ships and oil rigs. ARENA's system concept consists of a set of sensors and an on-board computing platform that perform data processing and enable automatic threat detection. A generic system architecture was developed and algorithms to detect moving objects or threats, track their movement and behaviour, and distinguish between normal and suspicious situations were refined. Prior to modelling, the project completed a literature survey with the aim of selecting suitable models for ARENA's systems. Other work included defining seven use cases and truck and shipping scenarios. These situations were test-modelled on a preliminary system architecture. Specifically, this involved the protection of a truck parked in a lot against cargo or fuel theft and attacks against the driver as well as a ship at sea against piracy. The feasibility of the automatic detection system was successfully demonstrated in three scenarios involving a truck equipped with video sensors. The threat levels increased with each scenario. The system was able to detect people moving around the truck and correctly monitor and analyse all their behaviours. ARENA introduced an affordable and flexible surveillance system concept based on existing technologies and generic architecture that is scalable and easily deployed. Drivers or crews will be warned of potential threats before they occur.


Surveillance, security threats, cargo vehicles, mobile assets, threat detection

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6 April 2019