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Content archived on 2024-06-18

An intelligent window for optimal ventilation and minimum thermal loss

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Energy-saving intelligent windows

A consortium of European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) joined forces to develop a high-tech window that keeps the building snug and warm with improved ventilation.

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Windows are the largest source of heat loss in a building. There is a need for energy-efficient window systems that can be retrofitted into old residential and commercial buildings. The EU-funded project 'An intelligent window for optimal ventilation and minimum thermal loss' (CLIMAWIN) developed an innovative high-performance window system. This window can optimise indoor climate and reduce heat loss in residential and commercial buildings despite inefficient ventilation systems. This window design was based on a natural ventilation system and electronic insulating night blind powered by solar power. This system exploits thermal insulation, solar energy gains and daylight control to improve energy efficiency and heat levels. It has linked in situ room sensors and the automated blind to the window via wireless radio frequency-based technology (RFBT). This feature enables the indoor climate to be set according to indoor/outdoor temperature, humidity and other factors. Other important features that optimise performance include integrated vents for controlling air intake and a frame with two layers of high-spec glazing. Project partners have successfully updated the concept of windows into dynamic devices for energy-recovery with optimal indoor air quality to maximise thermal efficiency in buildings. This is expected to revolutionise the construction industry and promote use of cost- and energy-efficient intelligent windows instead of expensive and energy-hungry heating and cooling systems. CLIMAWIN outcomes also support EU efforts to encourage the use of houses that require minimal energy for heating and cooling and ultra-low–energy buildings. Thanks to the CLIMAWIN project, European citizens can now experience a comfortable indoor environment while saving on energy. The result is fewer greenhouse gas emissions and buildings that are more environment friendly.

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