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Polish geochemistry research gets a boost

The Polish ATLAB Centre is a multi-profile research unit that focuses on the development and application of isotope geochemistry. Thanks to EU funding, the Centre is now able to fully realise its research potential.

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The ATLAB (Action towards laboratories' enhancement and know-how exchange for advanced research on geosystem) project was responsible for laboratory upgrades, new specialist recruitment and the strengthening of knowledge exchanges. These efforts enhanced ATLAB's human capacity and improved its technical capabilities. The Centre, established at the Institute of Geological Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences, will now be able to develop more advanced approaches and innovations in terrestrial and extraterrestrial geosystems’ research. This will also allow it to achieve better integration into the European Research Area (ERA). Within the frame of the project nine external researchers were employed and there were many incoming and outgoing visits from experts in the field. Ten pieces of equipment were also purchased. In addition, the project team organised networking visits and workshops, and participated in a number of world conferences. Issues like innovation, individual property rights and cooperation within the industry were focal points. However, science was not the only beneficiary as promotion and dissemination activities have had an important influence on the social and economic development at the regional scale. This ongoing project is set to play a very positive role in enhancing the ATLAB Centre's research potential through the upgrading of the research, training and development capacity and capability. It also supports an innovative approach towards geological sciences and fostered cooperation with industry. The success of ATLAB has brought back Polish researchers from other parts of the world and had a positive impact on laboratory operations, the research programme and the quality of the work being conducted. The project also helped to achieve sustainable development of the ATLAB Centre based on research quality and competitiveness, thereby increasing innovation in the geosciences sector and boosting regional development.


Multi-profile research, isotope geochemistry, terrestrial geosystems, European Research Area, innovation, individual property rights

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