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Fraunhofer Research News November II

English summary of November research news from the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft

Learning to trade in carbon dioxide,A new trading market opens in Germany in 2005. But instead of trading in stocks and shares it will deal in emission certificates for greenhouse gases. Fraunhofer researchers have developed a simulation tool to teach companies how to play the emissions trading game. , , (Artificial tissue from the test tube),Human tissue is often needed to repair injuries or treat certain diseases. Complications arising through tissue engineering are rare, because replacement tissue is grown from the patients own cells. The Fraunhofer IGB is now certified to manufacture tissue for cartilage transplants. , , (Watching tumors melt away),Thermotherapy is an effective additional means of fighting cancer by burning out the tumor. But it is difficult for the surgeon to accurately direct the minimally invasive treatment. A new solution allows heat propagation and tissue coagulation to be monitored by ultrasound. , , (34 million euros-worth of peace and quiet),Noise can make you ill. Millions of people not only in Europe suffer from stress symptoms or even hearing impairments caused by noise. The EU has launched an integrated project to conduct research into smart materials and systems that actively cut down noise.,