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TRAIN-IT business plan training successful

Results of the 36 months IST Accompanying Measure TRAIN-IT

TRAIN-IT® business plan training successful The IST Programme Accompanying Measure TRAIN-IT (IST-1999-29055) was concluded in August 2003. Between 2000 and 2003, TRAIN-IT conducted 15 training courses in business plan writing which were especially designed for IST project participants. Course participation for IST participants was free of a training charge. Participants paid travel, accommodation and refreshments only. Prime objective of TRAIN-IT was to facilitate the commercial exploitation of IST project results through hands-on help. Preceded by a two-year pilot measure, TRAIN-IT worked with a proven course curriculum and an established pool of European and US business experts. The intensive 6-day training consists of lectures, individual coaching and follow-up support. Key content of the TRAIN-IT course is: - Business strategies and business models,- Market research and competitive analysis,- Financing strategies and options,- Marketing and sales,- Financial planning,- Intellectual property rights and patent issues In the 15 courses, 156 participants (20,5% female) from all over Europe were trained and produced 133 business cases in the following IST fields: - Software tool development 22%,- Communication, telematics & logistics (16%),- Internet platforms and services (15%),- Multimedia (10%),- Software consultancy (8%),- Microsystem technologies (8%),- e-learning (8%),- Life sciences/Medicine (6%),- e-business/e-commerce (5%),- Technology transfer (2%), ,The 2003 survey shows the following results regarding finalisation and implementation of business plans. Three main categories of implementation of business plans are considered: - Start-up of a new company,- Spin-off of a company from an existing business or institution,- Intrapreneurial activities = expansion or enhancement of an existing business through, for instance, introduction of a new product line to the market, setting-up of a new department or branch, or other innovatory steps taken internally, ,ACHIEVEMENTS,- 58 business plans finalises, 55 plans in the pipeline: total 113,- 36 start-ups and spin-offs founded, 33 in the pipeline: total 69,- 16 cases of intrapreneurial activities, 29 in the pipeline: total 45 The results reflect an anticipated business plan completion rate of 85%. The anticipated business plan implementation rate is equally high. The good turnout is seen as proof of the sustained effect of TRAIN-IT training and follow-up, which ensures that the task of business plan writing is carried out, and carried through to implementation. 90% of the business cases who have finalised their business plan took advantage of the TRAIN-IT follow-up support offer. Special advantages of TRAIN-IT can consequently be derived:,- Acceleration and optimisation of the business plan writing process,- Verification of business idea viability in the early stage, and taking of corrective steps based on expert advice,- Saving time and money,- Access to sources of financing and mediation of contacts,- One-stop-shop for company start-up with office space and plots available at the training course site IZET, which is part of the science park Hightech Itzehoe ,- Becoming part of a Europe-wide community of entrepreneurs and experts, a network which is being kept active beyond the project lifetime The TRAIN-IT contractor IZET Innovationszentrum Itzehoe is now working on the future of TRAIN-IT. The proven course concept can be licensed from IZET. However, IZET´s main aim is to continually provide a free training to EU project participants. Therefore, a follow-on project is currently being proposed to the European Commission, as a General Accompanying Measure in the IST Programme in FP6. For further information on activities and results, a free brochure on TRAIN-IT results including company profiles can be ordered through Project Manager Helga Bechmann (e-mail: Contact:,Dr. Ingo Hussla,Director,Gesellschaft fuer Technologiefoerderung Itzehoe mbH,IZET Innovationszentrum Itzehoe,Fraunhoferstrasse 3, 25524 Itzehoe,Tel +49 4821-7785600, Fax +49 4821-778500,E-Mail:,Internet: