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The evolution of broadband services - Eurescom mess@ge 4/2003

The December issue of Eurescom mess@ge presents the current state of the broadband evolution and a selection of innovative broadband services.

About 8 percent of European households have broadband access, and the penetration rate is growing fast. Currently, Internet access is the most important broadband service for private customers. New innovative services are evolving which will drive the further growth of the broadband market. The December issue of the quarterly R&D magazine Eurescom mess@ge presents in its cover theme the current state of the broadband evolution and some of the innovative services that have the potential to boost broadband. The cover theme includes contributions on user scenarios for broadband, next generation service concepts, and the economic benefits of broadband in Europe. In addition, Eurescom mess@ge features exclusive interviews with Deutsche Telekom's Chief Innovation Officer, Hans Albert Aukes, about his broadband vision and with EU Commissioner Erkki Liikanen about his views on the future of the information society. Other topics in this issue:,- Eurescom Summit 2003 - controversial discussions on the future of broadband,- Mobile Instant Messaging - enriching the user experience,- Flagship to success - the Eurescom Project Programme 2004,- Eureka cluster project CELTIC - a programme for European leadership in telecoms,- Madonna in the mixer - novel file format from Hungary is promising a new music experienceAbout Eurescom mess@ge:,Eurescom mess@ge delivers up-to-date information on the international R&D activities of Eurescom and solid background information on current research issues in telecoms. The magazine is issued quarterly and distributed for free to an international audience interested in the development of communications technologies. Website:,Free subscription: