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How to negotiate, administer and manage an FP6 contract?

EuroCenter and Hyperion are jointly organising a workshop on how to negotiate, administer and manage an FP6 contract. The event will take place on 24 March 2004 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Course presenter is Dr. Sean McCarthy from Hyperion, Ireland. Dr. Sean McCarthy has participated in over 150 proposals to EU R&D programmes over 50 contracts and he was coordinator of 16 of these contracts. The course is based on more than 20 years of proposal writing, project management and project administration of EU R&D Contracts. Overview of the course: ,The aim of this one day course is to train research managers and administrators how to negotiate, manage and administer EU R&D contracts. Who Should Attend ?,The course is relevant to Research Managers and Advisors who are responsible for the management and administration of EU R&D contracts. Course Contents:,* Overview of EU R&D Contracts ,* Negotiating the Contract ,* The Model Contract and the Project Contract ,* Financial Administration of EU R&D Contracts ,* Cost Statements and Financial Audits ,* Project Management of an EU R&D Contract ,* Meetings and Reporting in EU R&D Contracts. The course start at 9.30 and finish at 16.30. During the course you learn through practical excercises to:,* Download the Essential Documentation for EU R&D Contracts ,* Download and Study Contract Preparation Forms ,* Ask questions on the Model Contract and Consortium Agreements ,* List Contractual Deadlines from a real contract ,* Fill in a time sheet, Form E1 and Form E2 in the Cost Statement ,* Download templates and prepare charts for Project Management ,* Organize a Consortium Meeting. Registration:,Deadline for registration is 10 March 2004. Please send e-mail to the secretary of EuroCenter Mrs Helen Thorboe, e-mail: with your name, company/research institution, address, phone number and e-mail address. Price pr day:,Price pr day is 2700 DKR ex VAT. In EUR the amount is 365 EUR ex. VAT. An invoice will be sent out after the course. Deadline for registration is 14 days before the course day. After this date it is not possible to cancel your registration without loosing the tuition fee, but it is always possible for you to send a colleague in your place. Venue of course:,EuroCenter is situated at Technological Institute in Taastrup, Copenhagen, Denmark. You can go directly from the airport to Høje Taastrup Station by train (takes 20 minutes). And from Høje Taastrup St. you can take bus 400S or 126 to Technological Institute in Taastrup or take a taxi. It only takes a few minutes from the station. Accommodation: ,Please look at,or 204.htm Make sure you choose a hotel in either Taastrup or Høje Taastrup. If you choose a hotel in Copenhagen city, you can take the train to Høje Taaastrup St. from Central station. It only takes 10 minutes, and there are many trains every hour. For further information, please contact: ,EuroCenter ,Ministery of Science, Technology and Innovation,c/o Danish Technological Institute ,Gregersensvej, Entrance 8, P.O. Box 141 ,DK-2630 Taastrup ,Tel: +45 7220 2900,Fax: +45 7220 2979 ,E-mail: Remarks: The working language for the course will be English.,