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The Marine Geoscience Research Group located at the Barcelona Science Park is granted access to a leading software package for geophysical prospection

The Marine Geoscience Research Group at the Universitat de Barcelona (UB, University of Barcelona), which has recently moved into the Parc Cientific de Barcelona (PCB, Barcelona Science Park), has signed an agreement with the company Seismic Micro-Technology, Houston, USA. Through this agreement, the company has conceded the Research Group free access to the KINGDOM Suite software.

This software, which is for use on networked PCs, is an industrial leader for Windows and is used for 2D and 3D interpretation of seismic data and has extensive visualization and synthetic seismogram modelling capacity. Access to this software places the Marine Geoscience Research Group, coordinated by senior professor Miquel Canals, Dept. of Statigraphy, Palaeontology and Marine Geoscience, at the head of European research groups in marine geology., ,Of potential application for the M.Sc and P.h.D. courses, this software will provide students with the skills essential for the modern petroleum industry and related services. The concession of the software, valued at 269,280, is included in the companys educational programme. Initially, the software will be used in research projects and doctoral theses currently being undertaken in the Group for the interpretation of seismic data on the continental margins of the Western Mediterranean, North East Atlantic and Antarctica. These projects are focussed on the study of submarine slides, canyon systems, deep-water reefs and seismic sequence stratigraphy. In this regard, in 2002, Miguel Canals directed the research project Marinada to map the seabed topography along the Catalan littoral. The bathymetric data collected by BIO Hespèrides covers an offshore area of 32,000 km2, in order to build the first integrated 3D model of the seabed topography of Catalonia. The KINGDOM Suite software will also be used in a P.h.D course on Deep sea sedimentary processes and products, part of the Earth and Marine Science programme and Marine Geology taught on the Geology Degree of the UB.Related links:,