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Fraunhofer Research News February 2004

English summary of February research news

Content syndication without media breaks,To avoid reinventing the book, successful publishers use knowledge networks to manage valuable content. They ensure a seamless flow of data from submission to publication in different media. At CeBIT, experts offer help in the way of know-how and databases. , , (The people's robot),Industrial robot components are costly. For researchers or teachers, this means reaching deep into thin wallets. VolksBot, an affordable off-the-shelf solution, saves precious development time and brings robotics to the consumer market. It will be shown at CeBIT trade fair. , , (Man winks and the computer thinks),To some extent, computers can speak and hear. But seeing is another matter, for the instantaneous interpretation of film sequences requires the processing of huge volumes of data. Visitors to CeBIT can take part in a computer game as a virtual controller. , , (Select quality seeds),Old MacDonald had a horse. These days he owns a mechanized seeder and crop seeds that have been optimized via X-ray technology. Microcomputer tomography is being used to automatically analyze and grade the quality of sugar beet seeds. , , (Capturing monumental data),Visually documenting the physical state of a historic monument generates endless reams of paper and photos. A more elegant approach involves 3D scanning. New software creates detailed reproductions of even the largest objects - as exercised with "Bavaria" statue.,