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Fraunhofer Research News March/CeBIT 2004 II

English summary of February research news

> CeBIT trade fair in Hanover opens today. Fraunhofer in Hall 11, Stand A24: Medicine on the move,The Body Area Network project is a key foundation for the use of telemedicine applications. ,> non CeBIT subjects: Like bees to blossoms,The future belongs to mobile data processing. But the bandwidth offered by Bluetooth & Co exceeds what many devices need and power consumption is also too high. A CMOS production line has been set up in Duisburg for the sparing wireless standard ZigBee. , , (Fishing biomolecules),Rapid substance identification is an indispensable tool for laboratories and process monitoring. An optical biochip developed as part of the EU-funded project BIOMIC is capable of simultaneously measuring the concentrations of eight different proteins or DNA fragments.,