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Seybold Amsterdam demonstrates eTEN connections

This release is intended to show connections between the eTEN themes and the discussion at the Seybold Amsterdam summit. This updates an earlier release - "eTEN proposals may develop during Seybold Amsterdam".

Case studies during the e-Forms Summit as part of Seybold included the following: Adobe Forms Designer for Dutch tax forms ,Microsoft Infopath in a Hospital - Klinikum Ingolstadt,Reader for Xforms standard from W3C as used by the Franhaufer Institute. Unfortunately not all presentations are yet available for download. A page at Acrobat Services will be updated with the links in due time Eventually most presentations at Seybold will be publicly available. At Seybold there was a strong basis in XML as XML Europe was co-located and the Job Definition Format is specified as XML. Furthermore there were discussions on SVG, an alternative to PDF. As SVG is written in XML it had, according to the participants at the session, an obvious appeal on 'data-connected organisation'. Jeremias Maerki from the Apache Software Foundation made a presentation on how to move SVG into Postscript and PDF. The latest version of FOP (0.20.5) needed more work but there will be a 1.0 version later. Thomas Merz from PDFlib covered a range of possible ways to create PDF 'on the fly' from data. This included Adobe Document Server, later demonstrated by Chuck Myers. This session was typical of the way Seybold Amsterdam combines speakers from San Francisco with representatives of a strong European PDF community. There will be several European speakers on pre-press contributing to Seybold San Francisco in August. Exetreme will be supporting a meeting of the Acrobat User Forum and others to follow this up on June 2nd in London Previous presentations from Seybold are available from their website,




Netherlands, United Kingdom