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Content archived on 2023-03-01

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Aptanomics and Nanosyn collaborate to discover new cancer drugs

Aptanomics SA, a specialist in the application of innovative protein technologies for drug discovery, and Nanosyn Inc, a chemistry-based company applying its proprietary technology for the design, synthesis and analysis of small organic compounds for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, today announced their collaboration to discover new drugs in the field of oncology.

Under the agreement, Aptanomics will use its proprietary peptide aptamer technology to screen Nanosyn's highly-reputed small organic compound libraries. Peptide aptamers are a new class of combinatorial protein reagents that guide the drug discovery effort towards druggable sites on therapeutic targets. Once initial hits are identified, Nanosyn will use its proprietary "Chemistry on Demand" platform to rapidly provide Aptanomics with highly focused arrays of small molecules and further medicinal chemistry services. Aptanomics' peptide aptamer technology provides a powerful new method to discover small molecule drugs against important pharmacological targets. High affinity peptide aptamers can be selected which block defined protein interactions in regulatory pathways that are affected in pathological conditions such as cancer. Peptide aptamers can then be employed in specific assays to screen collections of small molecule organic compounds for inhibitors of key protein interactions. Moreover, computer-assisted models of the target-aptamer complex can guide the design of focused chemical sets for further screening to identify potent drug candidates. "We consider Nanosyn to be a top rate supplier and provider of small organic compound libraries and medicinal chemistry services," said Dr. Michael Courtney, Aptanomics CEO. "The fact that Nanosyn believes our technology will successfully identify new druggable sites is an excellent endorsement of our technology. This is a great opportunity to combine our expertise in the identification of new druggable sites and in screening assays for small molecule antagonists with Nanosyn's recognized excellence in medicinal chemistry.", ,"We strongly believe that successful drug candidates emerge only through the fusion of good chemistry and good biology. Being a company focused on providing high quality chemistry, we are delighted to enter into collaboration with Aptanomics known for its quality biology," said Dr. Olga Issakova, Nanosyn Vice President. "We believe that Aptanomics' peptide aptamer technology will identify new druggable sites and that the AptaScreen[TM] platform will successfully identify hits to those new sites. We are very enthusiastic in our support of this collaboration." About Aptanomics SA Aptanomics is a privately-held biopharmaceutical company founded in 2001 to exploit technology developed at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Aptanomics has an exclusive position for the use of peptide aptamers for drug discovery or as biological therapeutics. Aptanomics supports internal drug discovery programs in the field of oncology and pursues additional drug discovery and development programs in partnerships with pharmaceutical companies. Aptanomics uses its peptide aptamers to reveal new druggable sites on therapeutic targets, map the sites on the targets, profile the biological effect of intervention at the sites, and to directly identify and develop small molecule antagonists that bind to the desired sites. Aptanomics is based in Lyon, France. For more information see About Nanosyn Inc Nanosyn is a medicinal chemistry based organization providing made-to-order focused compound libraries, hit-to-lead optimization, custom synthesis and medicinal chemistry services. Nanosyn's "Chemistry on Demand" capabilities enable customers to apply the power of new screening technologies without making frustrating trade-offs between budgets, schedules, and research opportunities. The company's proprietary ANST[TM] technology builds the best organic synthesis strategies available into strategic configurations of instrumentation, software and reagents, and uses real-time analytical data to orchestrate organic synthesis events. Founded in 1998, Nanosyn is privately held and self-funding. The company is based in Menlo Park, California. For more information, please visit:,For further information:,Andrew Lloyd & Associates Ltd,Tel: +44-1273-675100,Zoe Quinn, E-mail:,Andrew Lloyd, E-mail: Aptanomics,Ivan C. Baines, Business Development Director,Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon,46, Allee d'Italie,69364 Lyon Cedex 07, France,Tel: +33-4-72 72 87 98,Fax: +33-4-72 72 87 85,Mobile: +49-170-7865 098,E-mai: Nanosyn, Inc.,Olga Issakova, Vice President,3760 Haven Ave,Menlo Park, CA 94025,Tel: +1-650-853-7034,Fax: +1-650-853-7031,E-mail:


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