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Hybrigenics S.A. Optimizes Mapping of Protein Interactions with Millipore's Montage(R) PCR and SEQ kits

Hybrigenics, the pathway-based drug discovery company, announces today that it has enhanced its protein interaction mapping services for the drug discovery industry by integrating Millipore's Montage(R) PCRmu384 and SEQ384 kits. The use of these kits improves and simplifies the automation of Hybrigenics' process used to analyze complex cellular pathways.

The study of protein-protein interactions on a large-scale basis can be costly in both time and money for academic laboratories, biotechnology companies and pharmaceutical groups. Outsourcing this process to an experienced and reliable resource produces sophisticated bioinformatics analysis results as well as a better understanding of a protein's role in cellular pathways. Based in Paris, France, Hybrigenics S.A. is a specialized provider of large-scale protein interaction technology and information for the drug discovery industry. The company's technology platform allows up to 2,500 yeast two-hybrid (Y2H) screens per year and the construction of Protein Interaction Maps (PIM(R)), through the use of industrialization and semi-automation protocols. Hybrigenics helps its customers ensure that a detailed comprehension of a signaling pathway can lead to a generation of novel targets for new drug development. As an improvement over magnetic beads, Hybrigenics utilizes Millipore's Montage PCRmu384 and SEQ384 kits to optimize and simplify the automation of its high-throughput Y2H process used to analyze complex cellular pathways. Catherine Borg-Capra, Ph.D director of industrial operation at Hybrigenics S.A. said, "The integration of Millipore's Montage PCRmu384 and SEQ384 kits has resulted in better quality and an increase in the percentage of conclusive sequences that exceeded our expectations. In a 4,000 sequencing sample, Millipore's plates improved our success rate by 2 percent for SEQ 5p and 6 percent for SEQ 3p. Millipore's automation-compatible filter plates are easy-to-use without wasting time on failures or optimizing conditions. Additionally, Millipore has provided us with exceptional technical support throughout the development of our protocols." Millipore's Montage PCRmu384 and SEQ384 kits incorporate unique size exclusion technology to eliminate the need for costly gel filtration resins and bind-wash-elute columns. The kits' microwell plates are optimized for sample preparation to rapidly recover, purify and concentrate DNA. The complementary Montage kits are innovative and designed for optimal performance on various automation platforms. Both Montage SEQ and PCR kits are available in 10 and 50 packs. For more information, please contact Millipore Tech Service at 1-800-MILLIPORE or visit,About Millipore,Millipore is a multinational bioscience company that provides technologies, tools and services for the discovery, development and production of new therapeutic drugs. It serves the life science research, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. About Hybrigenics ,Hybrigenics is a leader in therapeutic target identification and validation through the use of Functional Proteomics, the study of the role and functions of proteins in cellular pathways. Hybrigenics develops integrated biological experiment and in-silico based technology platforms that allow the identification, selection, prioritization and validation of drug targets and corresponding ligands. Hybrigenics uses these platforms on an industrial scale to discover and validate novel targets and is building pipeline of proprietary biomarkers, and small molecule drug products in the area of Oncology and Metabolism. For more information about Hybrigenics visit Montage and Millipore are registered trademarks of Millipore Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.,


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