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Wi-fi success across the Strait of Gibraltar

The "wi-fi across the Strait of Gibraltar" connection worked out successfully during the Fadaiat conference last week, according to a report at Slashdot. The distance the connection had to cover, was from Tarifa to Tangers, i.e. 32,000 metres, mostly over water.

Fadaiat means "through spaces" in arabic. The word Fadaiat is also used to define a satellite dish and space ship ( "More than Fadaiat as a poetic virtual bridge project, or as a symbolic north-south freenetwork link (after Perejil island conflict and bombings in Madrid the 11th of March)..... ..The aim of Fadait as a no border temporary media lab is to remain as a permament public media interface, part of the counter hegemonic cyborg that we imagine at the gate of mediterranean sea. Our technical research has flown over several layers: web geointerfaces, free software (FFmpeg) streaming servers, and use of Pure Data as a distributed multimedia engine..." Photos can be found here: There are no detailed reports as yet but some calculations made in planning are available (,Other organisations involved include:,Global Telesat, ,Arte y Pensamiento ,,Hackitectura ,,Indymedia Madiaq,,OffTV,,PiDiP ,,Archivo Transacciones ,, ,,Gollum,,UNIA ,,Zemos98, ,ENSA ,,Ayuntamiento de Tarifa,


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