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FIZ Karlsruhe offers excellent service to science and industry

Positive result of evaluation by the Leibniz Association.

The senate of the Leibniz Association has confirmed the high quality and nationwide importance of FIZ Karlsruhe and recommended the German Federal Government and the German Federal States to continue subsidizing it in the future. According to the evaluators, being the most important provider of sci-tech information in the German-speaking countries, FIZ Karlsruhe offers science and industry an excellent service and plays an important part in European and worldwide business, especially together with its STN partners. ,In regular intervals, the senate of the Leibniz Association carries out evaluations of its 80 non-academic research and service institutions. Its results and recommendations help the commission of the Government and the Federal States decide, whether the prerequisites for further public funding are met. According to the experts, FIZ Karlsruhe at present holds a strong position in the international market for specialist information. To ensure its competitiveness in the long run, however, FIZ Karlsruhe and the other publicly funded information service institutions in Germany ought to co-operate more closely in the future. The evaluators recommend to bundle network resources and services. FIZ Karlsruhe should be the driving force and coordinator in this process which, according to the evaluation report, is in the long run aimed at forming a European competence center for sci-tech information. FIZ Karlsruhes Management sees the positive result of the evaluation as a confirmation of its new policy which is directed towards a new positioning of FIZ Karlsruhe: "We have already been actively promoting this process for several months, giving it top priority, and are ready to assume a leading part. As a first step, we will establish a close co-operation with FIZ Chemie Berlin, based on a joint strategy. To this end, we have already signed a Letter of Intent in June", states CEO Sabine Brünger-Weilandt. Andreas Barth, Director Online-Service at FIZ Karlsruhe, adds: "Strategic co-operations, for example in multidisciplinary networks, are a central target of our new orientation. 20 years of success with our largest business area - the sci-tech information network STN International - clearly show the chances offered by strategic alliances. In consequence, we will actively build up new partnerships, particularly with academic and scientific institutions." The evaluators have explicitly welcomed the partnership of FIZ Karlsruhe and Max-Planck-Gesellschaft (MPG) established in order to develop an Open Access platform for a multidisciplinary research organization. With regard to its new strategic orientation, FIZ Karlsruhes management profits much from the evaluators recommendations. A sustainably competitive competence center for sci-tech information, capable of meeting the various challenges in an international environment, can only be realized through strategic alliances between the German information service institutions. The statement of the senate of the Leibniz Association is available at:, Press contact:,FIZ Karlsruhe,Rüdiger Mack,Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Platz 1,76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen, Germany,Phone: +49-7247/808-513, Fax: +49-7247/808-136,E-mail: This press release is available online at:, non-profit scientific service institution, FIZ Karlsruhe produces and markets scientific and technical information services in print and electronic form worldwide. In co-operation with national and international institutions, FIZ Karlsruhe produces databases in the fields of energy, nuclear research and technology, crystallography, polymer technology, mathematics, computer science and physics, and provides a search service for R&D in corporations and institutions. FIZ Karlsruhe also operates STN International in Europe. STN International (The Scientific & Technical Information Network) is one of the worlds leading online services offering access to bibliographic, factual and full-text databases in science and technology.,At present, STNs comprehensive product range encompasses more than 220 databases with approx. 400 million documents from all fields of science and technology, among them the worlds largest and most important patent files. ,STN International is jointly operated by FIZ Karlsruhe, Germany; Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), Columbus, OH, USA; and the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), Tokyo.