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Full-texts of French Patents on STN International

FIZ Karlsruhe, one of Europes leading providers of information services, and European partner of premier science and technology online service STN International, has added the new full-text patent database FRFULL to its comprehensive product portfolio.

The new FRFULL file covers the full texts of French patent applications (on OCR basis) from 1980 to the present. The more than 400.000 records contain the searchable text of the complete document, including claims and detailed description; patent applicant/assignees and inventors and patent and priority application data; titles in French and English. Abstracts in French and English are available from 1996 onwards. The database is updated weekly. All information can be accessed through STNs powerful search functions. Search terms may be entered individually, or logically concatenated in a combined search. Only results matching all predefined criteria are retrieved. Simultaneous left and right truncation (searches using the root of a word, with prefixes and/or suffixes substituted by question marks) is possible - a most helpful function for conducting comprehensive, precise searches in full-text documents. Weekly automatic current-awareness-searches (SDIs) are also available. At each database update the system checks if any new answers have been added that match a users saved search profile. Where such matches are found, the answers are then forwarded to the user. The more than 220 databases hosted on STN International can be accessed by dialing in to STNs online service using its powerful proprietary client software, STN Express with Discover!, or over the Internet using a standard web browser ( At a later time, FRFULL may also be available in STN Easy, the point-and-click interface for occasional searchers unfamiliar with the STN command language ( ,For further information please contact: FIZ Karlsruhe,STN Europe,P.O. Box 2465,76012 Karlsruhe, Germany,Phone: +49-7247-808-555,Fax: +49-7247-808-259,E-mail:, Press contact:,Rüdiger Mack,Phone: +49-7247-808-513,Fax: +49-7247-808-131,E-mail: Ruediger.Mack@fiz-karlsruhe.deA non-profit scientific service institution, FIZ Karlsruhe produces and markets scientific and technical information services in print and electronic form worldwide. In co-operation with national and international institutions, FIZ Karlsruhe produces databases in the fields of energy, nuclear research and technology, crystallography, polymer technology, mathematics, computer science and physics, and provides a search service for R&D in corporations and institutions. ,FIZ Karlsruhe also operates STN International in Europe. STN International (The Scientific & Technical Information Network) is one of the worlds leading online services offering access to bibliographic, factual and full-text databases in science and technology.,At present, STNs comprehensive product range encompasses more than 220 databases with approx. 450 million documents from all fields of science and technology, among them the worlds largest and most important patent files. ,STN International is jointly operated by FIZ Karlsruhe, Germany; Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), Columbus, OH, USA; and the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), Tokyo.


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