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The ecological brick for 2005

The basque company ISURPAK has announced that it will have the first packaging machine for its ecological brick by the middle of 2005.

The first prototype is to be developed by a consortium in which the engineering group IDOM is participating. This first machine will be able to fill 25 packs per minute particularly suitable for small- and medium-sized production lines. If we compare it with similar packages, this one is the most simple and it offers the rectangular shape, stiffness, waterproff security and pouring system. All these with only a cardboard package and a plastic pocket. So, the user can easily separate the cardboard box from the plastic pocket, and therefore, unlike actual packages on the market, it can be easily recycled. ISURPAK presented this ecological brick in 2002. But this pack had a slight problem there was no packaging machine on the market suited to the characteristics of the manufacture needed for this brick. Precisely because of this, the first prototype is to be ready for 2005.