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Cross-European consortium launches a women and young researchers resource centre

A new resource Centre promoting gender equality in research and development and young scientists in the Central European region starts its activities on 23 September with the launch of, a website for the Central European Centre for Women and Youth in Science.

Funded by the European Commission, the Centre is the first regional centre to advance the position of women scientists and of young scientists in Central Europe. Building on a recent report produced by a group of experts from Central and Eastern Europe on the position of women in science in Central and Eastern European countries (Enlarge Women in Science East, Enwise), the project aims at promoting equal opportunities in research and development in four Central European countries and examining and improving the position of young people in science. ,To this end, the Centre for women and youth in science (CEC-WYS) will develop recommendations for equal opportunities policies in research and development in the region and provide assistance to women and young people in science. Besides creating a user-friendly information-laden website, the Centre will operate a database of women experts from the Central European region with a view to increasing the participation of women scientists in European research and the European Commissions expert database. Additionally, training on responsible conduct of science will be provided for young women scientists, to address issues such as quality of research, responsible authorship and publication practices, and supervision practices. Building upon the needs and concerns expressed at the Young Scientists workshop held in Prague in 2003 during the Enwise project, a report will be published that gives recommendations and illustrates good practice. To continue to the debate, a part of the CEC-WYS website will be dedicated to examining the issues facing young scientists from the region, including a discussion forum. A manual on how to include gender dimension in research projects, a new requirement in Framework Programme 6 of the European Commission, a funding scheme to foster international co-operation in research and development, will be prepared as a tool to encourage scientific excellence by attending to gender relevant research and methodological issues. The CEC-WYS project has received funding for three years from the European Commission of nearly 700,000 EUR. It involves 7 academic and non-profit partners from the new EU Member States (Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and Slovakia), one associated country (Romania) and two old EU Member States (France, Italy). The partners bring together expertise in gender equality and philosophy of science, training of young researchers in responsible conduct of science, and expertise in EC project management. The quality of the project results will be monitored by the project Expert Committee. All project results will be publicly available to the scientific community primarily via the Website. More information can be found at,To contact individual project partners, please refer to the following contact details:,Hungarian Science and Technology Foundation,Dr. Dora Groo,E-mail: Joef Stefan Institute,Dr. Dunja Mladenic,E-mail: Institute of Philosophy, Academy of Sciences of Slovakia,Prof. Tatiana Sedova,E-mail: Institute National de la Recherche Agronomique,Dr. Marie-Claude Roland,E-mail: Politehnica University of Bucharest Automatics, Process Control and Computers Centre,Dr. Monica Viorela Alexandru,E-mail: Agenzia Per La Promozione Della Ricerca Europea,Dr. Diassina Di Maggio,E-mail: DIMAGGIO@APRE.IT