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Intelligent system for tilting trains

ISIT system manages to provide a train that takes curves at greater speed with the help of an additional inclination of the body of the vehicle with respect to the track.

The Intelligent System for Integrated Tilting (ISIT), developed by rolling stock manufacturers CAF, is a tilting system which is activated at the required moment and manages to reduce the centrifugal effect suffered by passengers when a train negotiates bends. Or, in other words: · Cuts journey times (26% on the Santiago-A Coruña run in Galicia),· Enhances passenger comfort,· Anticipates the curved sections of track and eliminates delays,· Always functions without distortions, in any circumstances, whatever the grade of track. Thus, the Intelligent System for Integrated Tilting developed by CAF provides numerous advantages: * Cuts in at the required moment, because it continuously detects the exact position of the train on the line and knows the features thereof (curves, etc.),* Achieves maximum use of limits,* Achieves an optimum inclination of the train body, with tilting of up to 8 degrees, depending on the geometry of the track and on the rest of traffic conditions,* Takes up minimum space and is lighter in weight,* It is clean and silent, contributing to improving the environment,* Operates with both electric and diesel trains, making the ISIT system a versatile one,* Reduces track maintenance requirements