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NEXT, future generation of machine-tools

NEXT (Next Generation Production Systems) is the most ambitious research initiative ever conceived in Europe in the field of production systems. The project, led by the Basque Research Center Fatronik, has 25 European members; universities, technological centres and companies in a number of different countries.

NEXT is aimed at developing machines for the future and designing new business models in the sector, in this way contributing to the transformation that the manufacturing industry is undergoing in order to be able to meet the demands of the market: relocation, low manufacturing costs in emerging economies, and so on. The activities of NEXT have the following objectives: - The ecological machine: In order to eliminate or reduce drastically the impact produced on the natural environment by machines throughout their working lives - Autonomous, operator-friendly machine: In order to lay down guidelines for the design of a new generation of autonomous and user-friendly that provide more efficient and comfortable work for production equipment operators - The cutting edge of manufacturing: In order to design and construct the best means of production, in terms of productivity and quality - New business models: To establish new ways of doing business in the machine-tool production sector, defining new models of manufacture, sales, product use and services. - Training and information: To attract and train personnel from the academic and professional world in these new technologies arising from research work at NEXT.