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Find Austrian IT Research organisations: RESEARCH IT AUSTRIA

RESEARCH IT AUSTRIA is a newly established online directory for Austrian IT Research and Development.

It provides an overview of Austrias comprehensive expertise in IT research as well as detailed insights into numerous distinct Austrian companies and organisations active in IT research. The database entries contain detailed information on the respective organisations, such as fields of activities, research projects, grants received, products etc. The online directory at enables its users to directly search for Austrian expertises in IT research. One of this online databases strengths is its ability to carry out efficient while easy to use searches, both by category and as a full text search. Users are able to find the expertise they are looking for in a convenient way. All entries on the RESEARCH IT AUSTRIA online database are quality checked and are also up-to-date. The featured organisations administrate their profiles themselves. The Research IT Austria website can be used to find a partner for an IST project, a subcontractor or even a business partner. It is specially designed to facilitate partner searches for IST projects but is not limited to this. The usage of the RESEARCH IT AUSTRIA website is free of charge. It is funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Labour. Website: http://www.research-it.atRESEARCH IT AUSTRIA is operated by the Division for International Research and Technology Co-operation (BIT) at the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG). FFG/BIT is your partner for research and technology co-operation with Austria. FFG/BIT provides information and assistance relating to a wide range of RTD activities, in particular the Framework Programme, EUREKA and INTAS. Services are free of charge.