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European Industrial Initiative launched for the development of networked and electronic media in Europe

Leading European players in the telecom, consumer electronics and media industry launched a joint industrial initiative for the accelerated development of Networked and Electronic Media (NEM) technologies and services in Europe.

Today, the promoters of the NEM, namely Thomson, leader, Alcatel, France Telecom, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Intel, Nokia, Philips and Telefónica I+D, supported by Rose Vision and Eurescom, have presented the initiative to the public at a workshop in Nice. The main objective of the NEM initiative is to foster the development and introduction of novel audiovisual and multimedia broadband services and applications to the benefit of citizen, enterprises and with significant impact on the European economy in the context of the Lisbon objectives. The NEM Initiative is a unique opportunity to bring to all European citizens access to the European cultural diversity. This is based on the adoption of a "Strategic Research Agenda" to serve as a common framework for research and innovation in Europe. This initiative will accelerate the pace of innovation bringing Europe to the forefront of NEM technologies. The focus of the NEM Initiative is on innovative services based on a mix of various media forms, delivered seamlessly and interactively over a variety of complementary access networks to a variety of terminals and devices, and will thereby improve the quality, enjoyment and value of the user experience. In addition, the NEM Initiative will stimulate worldwide regulations and standardization policies. It will allow EU industry and sector actors to master the required technologies of the value chain, to develop a consensus on the required standards, to promote international co-operation and to support the regulatory process. In this vision, NEM assumes the challenges, risks and opportunities derived from the convergence of the audiovisual technologies, the broadband technologies and networks, the consumer and professional equipment for multimedia applications and services. More than 120 experts all over Europe have participated in this launching event, representing content producers (television, gaming, etc.), broadcasters, telecom equipment manufacturers and operators, consumer electronics manufacturers, silicon manufacturers, service providers, academic institutions, European and national initiatives, standardization organizations, industry associations, universities and technological centers. During the workshop, all the speakers expressed the support and commitment of their companies to dedicate resources towards the setting up of the NEM initiative. The implementation of the NEM vision through a European Technology Platform will provide, through a broad consensus process, strong and ambitious inputs for the European Union 7th Framework Programme and will work with other European and national R&D initiatives, such as the CELTIC Eureka programme. The NEM Initiative has high societal relevance and will foster Europe´s growth, competitiveness and sustainable development.,Expression of interest by organizations on the NEM industrial initiative is publicly available. Further information is available at ,Contact: 1- The workshop has been organised with the support of Rose Vision, Eurescom and Homega-Research.,2- Technology Platforms from Definition to Implementation of a Common Research Agenda. European Commission, DG Research, 2004