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LINK Partnering for new RTD opportunities

The LINK Network is offering a free service designed to help plastics & electronics SMEs and FP6 RTD Project coordinators cooperate within Integrated Projects or Specific Targeted Research Projects (Streps).

LINK has specific expertise in the plastics and electronics sectors which will enable the network to: Help project coordinators to:,o Assess SME opportunities within the project ,o Find SMEs with the right expertise for their submitted project,o Identify relevant SMEs to expand the scope of their funded project ,o Integrate SMEs into their partnership with minimum effort. Help plastics and electronics SMEs to:,o Identify projects to take their technology forward,o Create business opportunities on a European scale ,o Network with major RTD players ,o Access the latest technologies,o Integrate into FP6 projects with maximum impact for them The European Commission has clearly encouraged major RTD players and SMEs to partner within FP6 projects. LINK is taking a bottom-up, top-down approach to this challenge, by offering support to IP coordinators and SMEs alike, with the aim of successfully matching the right SMEs to the right projects. The network will achieve this by selected methods, including specific awareness-raising events, dedicated one-to-one support and an on-line match-making service. Drawing on a combined wealth of knowledge and experience, the 20 members of the LINK network know both the benefits and the challenges of preparing and consolidating a consortium; this project aims to facilitate the process by providing direct assistance to IP coordinators and SMEs. LINK is committed to the success of Streps or Integrated Projects that take technology forward with small and medium sized enterprises the backbone of the European economy. For more information about the LINK support ,Visit our website: And to start benefiting from the LINK support as soon as possible:,Email Célia Gavaud: email: