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European Business Angel Network (EBAN) - latest "EBAN Info"

Since September 2003, EBAN publishes a bi-annual document called EBAN Info, centralising all the knowledge and information acquired by the network over 6 months.

In the last issue readers can learn about: - The publication of the directory of business angel networks operating in Europe;,- The XIP: evolution from a BAN to a regional network of networks in Catalonia;,- INTRO marketplace: a true value adding service for business angels and entrepreneurs in Finland;,- The emergence of business angel syndicates in Scotland;,- Creation of a seed and start-up VC Fund by BANSON in Germany;,- Results from a study on private equity and VC companies in Sweden;,- Loans on trust in France;,- Partial guarantee schemes in Belgium; ,- New trends in the US angel market,- Angel forums, angel awards, upcoming conferences This publication can be downloaded off our website, in the resource centre section. ,If you would like to receive a hard copy of this publication or more information on EBAN, please contact: Claire Munck,C/o EURADA,Avenue des Arts 12 Bte 7,B-1210 Brussels,T : +32 2 218 43 13,F : +32 2 218 45 83,E :; ,Website: http://www.eban.orgEBAN the European Business Angel Network, was established by the European Association of Development Agencies (EURADA) with the support of the European Commission in 1999. It is a non-profit association which has the purpose of:, Encouraging the exchange of experience among business angels networks and encouraging " best practice "., Promoting recognition of business angels networks., Contributing to working out and carrying out local, regional and national programs of assistance to the creation and development of a positive environment for business angels activities.,Business angel networks (BAN) are organisations set up to provide means of introduction between small and medium sized enterprises and investors. The matching is done through computer matching, investment newsletters/magazines, investor forums and fairs. EBANs members are all professionals at matching informal investors (business angels) and entrepreneurs. The BAN also provides training services for entrepreneurs and business angels. The size of the BAN depends on the geographical zone of influence, there are national and regional networks, and also national federations that group business angel networks of one country.