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Setting research priorities for FP7: Joint Contribution of the European Photovoltaic Industry and Research Communities

EPIA (European Photovoltaic Industry Association) and EUREC Agency (European Renewable Energy Research Centres Agency), as representatives of the European Photovoltaic Industry and Research Communities provide common priorities for research and technology development on short to medium and medium to long term.

The global budget to meet the photovoltaic sectors needs, (without regards to the European Commission contribution) in the time frame of the future FP7 (2007 to 2010) is estimated to be 660 million Euros. This global amount is split between short to medium (430 million Euros) and medium to long term objectives (230 million Euros). For each time frame research activities are given a priority and a corresponding budget., ,To reach a 100% financing of RTD projects it is recommended that following the German pre-normative R&D cluster the public contribution should be modulated according to the term (long, medium or short) and nature of the project., ,EPIA and EUREC Agency's contribution is based on a consultation of their members and is the result of a work undertaken in the frame of the PV Catapult project, a FP6 Coordination Action financed by the EC. This contribution was submitted to the European Commission. ,Download the full contribution and details on http://www.pvcatapult.orgThe European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA), representing over 95% of the European photovoltaic industry, exists to deliver to its members a distinct and valuable service driven from the strength of a single European photovoltaic (PV) voice. The European Renewable Energy Research Centres Agency (EUREC Agency) represents the leading European renewables research institutes and aims to improve the quality and scope of European RD&D in renewable energy technologies by communication and cooperation between research, industry and politics.


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