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Siberia and Europe joining in IST

A new project promoting the collaboration between Russia and Europe in IST started recently: SITE, Siberia, Information Technologies and Europe.

SITE brings a very distant Russian region covering an area in excess of 5 Million km² nearer to Europe: Sibirsky Federal District/ SFD. ,Mostly unknown to Europeans, SFD hosts appr. 250 universities and research institutes with some 66 000 researchers. The overall aim of SITE is to increase the number of IST-projects with Siberian research teams involved as partners. ,In order to achieve this, a variety of means are deployed: ,SITE brings highly competent Siberian researchers from the remote SFD to European IST-conferences where they can present their most recent research results. ,By organising real and virtual brokerages as part of IST-conferences, SITE creates unique opportunities to meet the Siberian researchers in person and to talk to them. ,A partnering mechanism supports online partnerfinding via a database with 320 profiles of researchers from SFD with strong expertise in IT. The database makes it possible to carry out specific partner searches and enables Europeans to easily contact a selected Siberian research team. ,Apart from this, the SITE helpdesk assists Europeans to deal with any type of complex issue related to the collaboration with Russia. The Siberian Silicon Valley Sibirsky Federal District needs to be distinguished from the geographical Siberia, an entity of nearly 10 million km².,Sibirsky Federal District/ SFD is one of Russias seven federal districts, being the central of the three Asian districts in the Russian Federation. While Siberia is known for its natural resources, nowadays 70% of the population of SFD lives in cities such as Novosibirsk, Omsk and Tomsk.,At present, SFD has great industrial, scientific and research potential since during World ,War II numerous industrial plants, factories and research centers were moved to Siberia. Funded within FP6/IST, SITE is co-ordinated by Singleimage, Cambridge, UK. ,Tomsk Polytechnic University, Tomsk, Russia and FFG/ Austrian Research Promotion Agency, Vienna, Austria, are partners. For more information, please visit: ,or contact Ms Petra Reiter,FFG Austrian Research Promotion Agency Donau-City-Strasse 1,A-1220 Wien E-mail:,+43 5 7755 4205,+43 5 7755 94205,


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