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New project InteGRail aims at integrating all railway systems

Following positive results achieved in some previous FP5 projects (such as TrainCom, EuRoMain and others), a new integrated project has been approved by the EC DG Research in the 6th Framework Programme.

InteGRail, acronym for Intelligent integration of Railway systems, has the aim to further incorporate Information and Communication Technologies in the Railways, according to a new integrated approach.,For the first time, InteGRail will address the task of incorporating innovation in the future structure of railways by means of a global, integrated approach, considering all main subsystems: train operation, traffic management, monitoring and control, maintenance and communication.,The main goal of the project is to create a holistic, coherent information system, in order to achieve higher levels of performance of the railway system in terms of capacity, average speed and punctuality, safety and the optimised usage of resources, addressing in parallel both rolling stock and infrastructure issues.,The project, which started at the beginning of January this year, is supported by a strong consortium including 40 participants from 11 EU countries, plus one non-EU country (Chile); among the participants, all leading railway industries and major railway operators and infrastructure managers, together with research centres and universities, ensure that all needed expertise and experience are represented, under the coordination of UNIFE.,InteGRail will have a total duration of 4 years, after which many important results are expected, including a concept demonstration and proposals for new railway standards.,More information can be found in the project Web site at to be opened soon.A project presentation is available. The project is currently investigating the User Requirements, in order to precisely define railway needs in the specific fields. Contact information:,Coordinator: Mr. Nicolas Erb UNIFE (Belgium) -,Director: Mr. Valerio Recagno D'Appolonia (Italy) -,Quality manager: Mr. Paolo Umiliacchi CNC (Italy)