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New EMBO/NPG journal - A first in systems biology publishing

Molecular Systems Biology, a new electronic journal from the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) and Nature Publishing Group (NPG), is now live at

Molecular Systems Biology represents a first on many levels. The first journal to be dedicated to the emerging fields of molecular systems biology and synthetic biology, it is also the first publication to use pioneering new systems biology technologies in the presentation of articles and data. The journal is open access another first for EMBO and NPG and an important catalyst for data-sharing. Molecular Systems Biology publishes papers describing the properties and behaviour of complex biological systems in terms of molecular components and their interactions. The scope extends to functional genomics, structural genomics, metabolomics and synthetic biology. The journal's team of Senior Editors is second to none, featuring Ruedi Aebersold, Peer Bork, George Church, Leroy Hood and Edison Liu. ,The journal is also forging ahead in technology. Unlike other journals in the field, Molecular Systems Biology uses innovative technology to allow formal, unambiguous descriptions of biological systems and sharing of data. Molecular Systems Biology is currently the only journal to accommodate authors submitting data in Systems Biology Mark-Up Language (SBML) and CellML, widely-used XML-based exchange formats for representing biological processes and related data. ,


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