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WebPOL: Virtual Learning Environment for European Local Police

The overall aim of WebPOL is to develop a Virtual Learning Environment for European Local Polices. This environment will consist on an interactive Web site complemented with traditional learning tutorials and courses, and a Multimedia Resources Centre.

Once the environment will be developed, the consortium will design and develop on-line training courses, accessible in Internet, and aimed to agents, officials and inspectors of European local polices., ,The system is going to be complemented by a software for the human resources departments in order to manage the training activities inside the local polices. WebPOL responds to the following needs: Technological needs: the incorporation of new technologies in the training processes of the European polices forces aims at improving the quality of the vocational training. New contents needs: as society progresses, the local officers have to face new kinds of problems: international organised Mafia, a proper attention to the immigrant, learning languages, new technologies and daily used machines, technological offences, modification of the rules, environmental offences, gender-based violence, the role of the local police in a multicultural society, European co-operation, new drugs Needs of European co-ordination: it is needed to create a training system that could be used by any European local police forces and also to create the common contents in the EU, with their corresponding European certificate. In this project, leaded by the Valencia Local Police (Spain), there are partners from Italy, Greece, Germany, Finland, Poland and Spain.,The international dissemination of the project is carried out by the partner Fundación Comunidad Valenciana- Región Europea ( ). This Foundation endeavours to bridge the valencian society with the European reality bringing them closer to European institutions, actors, initiatives and projects. More information about the WebPOL project: Fundación Comunidad Valenciana- Región Europea: e-mail: Project Framework: Leonardo da Vinci Starting date: 1/10/2004


Germany, Greece, Spain, Finland, Italy, Poland