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Content archived on 2023-03-01

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EU-Russian Brokerage Event at the EVA London 2005

Supported by the SITE-project ("Siberia, Information Technologies and Europe"), a team of 4 Russian researchers will be taking part in the EVA London 2005, organised in London, UK, 25-29 July 2005.

The EVA (Electronic Imaging, the Visual Arts, and beyond) conferences act as a cross-sectoral, multi-disciplinary, local & global set of events for people interested in new technologies in the cultural sector. The main symposium of the EVA London 2005 focusses on research in IT in the fields of Archeology, Architecture and History. The EVA London programme willl include museums, libraries, archives, theatre, music, dance and opera, film & TV, advanced 3D & VR and R&D projects for Culture & Technology. Discussions will address the remaining stages of FP6 and new orientations in view of FP7 as well as the results and progress of ongoing IT-projects in the cultural sector.,For more information on the EVA London, please visit: The Siberian researchers will present their most recent research results at the EVA and will be looking for IST-project partners in view of Call 5/IST. At the conference you will be able to meet the researchers from the Sibirsky Federal District at the SITE exhibition stand and explore with them the potential for joint IST- projects. A number of additional support services for collaborating with Russia will be available at the SITE exhibition booth at the EVA London:,You will be able to consult a catalogue containing specific profiles of Russian researchers active in research areas pertaining to the EVA. You are invited to take advantage of the partnering opportunities linked to this catalogue.,You will be able to have a chat with Siberian researchers looking for partners for IST via the virtual brokerage website of SITE:,You will have the opportunity to search the online database comprising 300 updated and classified profiles of Russian researchers active in the different priorities of the IST-programme.,You will have the chance to gather information about the support available for establishing contacts with Russian partners and information on the assistance EU and Russian partners receive from SITE in order to overcome the cultural problems surrounding collaboration. Funded within the IST-programme, SITE promotes European co-operation in IST with Russia, in particular with the Sibirsky Federal District (SFD).,Sibirsky Federal District is located between 3,000 and 5,000 km to the East of Moscow and covers an area of about 5 million km². Its capital is the purposebuilt academic city of Novosibirsk.,At present Sibirsky Federal District has great industrial, scientific and research potential since during World War II numerous industrial plants, factories and research centres were moved to Siberia from industrially highly developed regions around Moscow and St. Petersburg.,Mostly unknown to Europeans, SFD hosts approximately 250 universities and research institutes, with some 13,000 researchers strong in IT. SITE is coordinated by Singleimage, Cambridge, UK. FFG/ Austrian Research Promotion Agency, Vienna and the Association for Engineering Education of Russia (AEER), represented by Tomsk Polytechnical University, Tomsk, Sibirsky Federal District, are the partners. For more information, please visit the following website: ,,or ,contact Petra Reiter ,Austrian Research Promotion Agency,Donau City Street 1,A - 1220 Vienna,Phone: +43 5 7755 4205,Fax: +43 5 7755 94011,


Austria, Russia, United Kingdom