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Europe4Researchers Newsletter

Europe4Researchers, a newsletter that aims to take a fresh look at the rich rewards and occasional challenges of working and pursuing a career in research today.

We are living in exciting times. People describe the current era in many ways, calling it the information age, or the post-industrial age. But, above all else, we are now living in the knowledge age. Science and technology are the foundations upon which modern society is built. They underpin almost every aspect of our lives. But this scientific and technological progress does not occur in a vacuum it would not be possible without the adventurism and pioneering spirit of our researchers. In many ways, the situation as it stands is enviable. Nowadays, there are more researchers working on improving the lot of humanity than in the rest of human history combined. R&D has long been one of the engines driving European prosperity. However, it is not all rosy. Europe's major competitors are beginning to pull ahead, and new rivals are catching up, in the innovation stakes. To rise to this challenge and forge a vibrant knowledge-based economy, Europe has gone on the offensive. It has committed itself to boosting R&D investment to 3% of the EU's combined gross domestic product, propelling innovation, and creating a dynamic R&D culture. This ambitious strategy requires talented and dynamic researchers to make it happen. But the rising demand comes at a time when fewer young people are joining the R&D ranks. In addition to traditional supply sources, the Union has launched a wide-range of initiatives and many more are in the pipeline to attract more women, young people, and researchers from Europe and other parts of the world to take up research careers in Europe. This newsletter will keep all stakeholders current and future researchers, those living in Europe or outside it, as well as policy-makers and interested members of the public abreast of these developments as and when they occur. For more information please contact