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For a high-specification wheelchair

Over the next two years TEKNIKER Technology Centre is to develop a wheelchair with advanced specifications, thanks to the patronage of the Social Work department of the Kutxa Savings Bank.

The characteristics of the new wheelchair have been carefully chosen after consultation with Bidaideak, Elkartu and Gene and other associations for the disabled. Thus, the prototype provides a range of features identified as basic, such as the economic cost of the product (it should not cost more than 12,000 EURO), easy handling, good suspension capacity, ergonomy, great autonomy, ability to negotiate kerbs with anti-rollover device and lighting for night use. To these basic features, the new model provides others that differentiate it from other models currently on the market: - The possibility of raising the person while in their seat, in such a way that it enables accessibility to wardrobes, shop/bar counters and to conversation at the same level as standing persons - Remote control to handle the chair from a distance - Great manoeuvrability, capable of gyrating on itself - The possibility of interior and exterior use, with capacity of moving over difficult terrain - Intelligent control of acceleration - Interface controlled by means of different types of entry controls: joy stick, vision, head movements, etc. - Easy change to manual chair and inclusion of brake in manual mode - Blocking position for transport in other vehicles, such as train, bus, etc. Finally, other possibilities are to be studied, such as: - Systems for quick change of wheels and/or anti-puncture - Intelligent anti-crash systems - Recharging systems integrated into the chair itself - Dismantling of chair for transportation - Domotic integration of chair - Crane-type elements to facilitate transference from/to the chair - Systems for cooling and heating.