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EMBO selects Europe’s best young independent scientists

Seventeen European life scientists to receive the support of EMBO's Young Investigator Programme.

EMBO has singled out 17 European life scientists to receive the support of its prestigious Young Investigator Programme. The annual selection round identifies some of the brightest young minds in Europe – providing academic, practical and financial support in the early years of their independent careers. The three-year programme is extremely competitive and selection is a mark of the highest scientific excellence. The Young Investigator Programme targets researchers who have been running their first laboratories for between one to three years. Members of the programme are entitled to a range of benefits, designed to help smooth the often difficult transition between setting up independently and establishing a reputation within the scientific community. A mentorship programme, sponsorship of lectures at international meetings, an annual symposium and a laboratory management course are some of the benefits that help augment the standing of the young investigators and support new collaborations. The programme is highly competitive with a 13% success rate in the current round of selection. Manager of the programme, Gerlind Wallon, explains, "Competition is extremely tough but it’s meant to be. Carrying the young investigator title means that EMBO is convinced of the quality of your research. This is an influential recommendation. We hope the EMBO stamp of quality combined with practical support will raise the young investigators’ status in the community and help them to attract new collaborations and funding." The EMBO Young Investigator Programme has been identifying and supporting outstanding young life scientists in Europe since 2000. Currently the programme supports a network of 70 young scientists. 2005 EMBO Young Investigators: Yohanns Bellaiche Michael Boutros Jason Chin Fabrizio Chiti Tim Clausen Miguel A. Del Pozo Raimund Dutzler Oliver Einsle Henrik Kässmann Claudia Köhler Gernot Längst Jan Lohmann Giles Oldroyd Ruth Palmer Daniel Peeper Yitzhak Pilpel Terence Strick


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Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom