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The Next Arena for innovation at

XRAYMEDIA's CENTER OF INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY (CIT) has launched over 1,000 R&D listings with New Public Company Opportunities as the First of Three Layers Advances at into the Next Arena.

XRAYMEDIA, Inc, an industry leader in real-time negotiating technology, has introduced the CENTER OF INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY ( an information space enabling worldwide access to research and technological developments, live Internet negotiations, and International innovative business opportunities on emerging technologies. The CIT Technology Trading Floor is currently populated with over 1000 unique company listings. These listings are from international companies who request R&D advancement, collaborations and partnerships, marketing, and/or initial or secondary financing, and possible public company advancement, on top of offering their fresh technology to each international market sector. CIT Marketing Awareness & Communication - The First Stage Today's deployment marks the first layer for the CIT. This outstanding tool is for public awareness and exploration of initial technology offerings from Europe. This first layer is an informational exercise to commence the CIT Marketing Awareness & Communication program. It demonstrates how companies can benefit from the CIT through the detailed information which is placed on the CIT website. As well, in this layer, XRAYMEDIA will initiate a major PR campaign through its established CIT media channels worldwide. Online Venture Exchange - The Next Arena The second layer of the CIT will be released with the interactive LOM technology platform, designed to further empower technology progression by supplying real-time negotiations over the Internet in an online venture exchange. The Company's distinctive technology immediately matches international research & development projects with entrepreneurs and investors worldwide. This second layer platform of the CIT, which will be provided on a commercial basis, will serve as a conduit for increasing the financial investigation to support small to medium businesses in the US and EU. This is a key strength of CIT and puts it in a context where it explores and expands the European Technology Initiatives globally from public and private sector organizations as well as EU and non-EU funded research. CIT activities and particularly its technology platforms are inspired and build up on the models of the EU research framework programmes. CIT is following the developments of these new programs closely and is positioning its activities in the context of the cutting edge research priorities and business needs related to these future programs. Active Involvement Prospect - The Final Phase The third layer is the key primary level of CIT services. In this layer, companies will become an active part of the CIT Development Procurement Center. They will be accompanied by XRAYMEDIA's spin-off activities, assisting them ingoing public on this third platform. The CIT will structure acquisitions of small, private companies. The CIT will then maintain a certain percentage ownership in these companies, normally 20% to 25%, therefore building value for CIT as its affiliates continued growth. Ultimately, the CIT will lend its support to assist growing enterprises in setting and meeting strategic and financial objectives. XRAYMEDIA President & CEO, Hans Johannes Schulte, stated, "With the launch of this new platform XRAYMEDIA aims to provide a new infrastructure for European spin-offs. Due to the multiplying synergistic effects of our clients and the powerful in-house LOM technology, CIT clients and partners will be able to benefit from a unique platform for growth on international markets.” Contact: XRAYMEDIA, Inc. Pres. & CEO Hans Johannes Schulte, +1-888-777-0658


Netherlands, United States