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Rural-ETINET Workshop/Networking Event

A Rural-ETINET workshop and networking event will take place on,the 3rd June, at 12:30pm in Brussels.

3 June 2005 - 3 June 2005

The main theme of the workshop will be green technologies for,sustainable development in Europe. You will have an opportunity to,be updated on current Framework Programme 6 funding,opportunities and trends.
There will be a session dedicated to developing new partnerships,and an opportunity to present your project ideas, giving you an,opportunity to carry out research projects on a European level or,find new partners.
To register for this free event or to receive further information,please contact
Charlotte Dean: e-mail: or,01302 322633.
Rural-ETINET is a three-year ETI project co-funded by European Commission, with the aim to set up and manage a network comprised of a series of thematic sub-networks of SMEs, with SME representatives and organisations that work with SME businesses in rural areas. Project partners are high-skilled organisations from UK, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Turkey, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Iceland, Romania and Slovakia. The network members are encouraged to participate in, and submit FP6 projects in rural issues, especially in the following sectors:
§ Novel crops,§ On-farm processing,§ Forestry/wood chain,§ Waste management,§ Eco-systemsRural-ETINET Workshop/Networking Event,Hotel Leopold, Rue du Luxembourg 35, Brussels,3rd June 2005