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The future energy system: three H2020 projects invite to discuss

The EU has set ambitious goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To achieve these goals, the share of renewable energy sources must grow rapidly. This fundamentally changes the role of conventional power generation and raises the question: How will the energy system of the future look like? By increasing the efficiency and flexibility of conventional power plants and reducing their environmental impact, three H2020 projects give concrete answers: TURBO-REFLEX, PUMP-HEAT and sCO2FLEX.

Industrial Technologies
26 June 2019 - 26 June 2019
Brussels, Belgium

Towards a dynamic energy system

With a joint public workshop TURBO-REFLEX, PUMP-HEAT and sCO2FLEX invite you to take a new perspective on tomorrow’s energy production: “The future energy system – meeting complexity with flexibility” offers three different technological solutions and stakeholder positions on a complex subject matter. A forum for discussion and exchange, this open event presents up-to-date results from TURBO-REFLEX, PUMP-HEAT and sCO2FLEX projects and explores potential areas for collaboration. Current developments in the energy sector and future policy needs will be addressed. A panel discussion with European policy makers and representatives from the industry and the energy sector will round up the event. A preliminary agenda is available here:

Invitation: Public Workshop

Wednesday, 26 June
1 pm – 6 pm
Press Club Brussels Europe
Rue Froissart 95-99
1040 Brussels


- keynote by the European Commission, DG Energy
- projects results from TURBO-REFLEX, PUMP-HEAT and sCO2FLEX
- panel discussion with policy makers and representatives of the industry and the energy sector

Confirmed participants:

Ms Daniela Gentile (Executive Vice President R&D at Ansaldo Energía)
Dr Christian Aalburg (TURBO-REFLEX coordinator and Senior Staff Engineer at General Electric)
Ms Albannie Cagnac (project manager for R&D at Électricité de France and sCO2FLEX coordinator)
Mr Haitze Siemers (Head of Unit New energy technologies, innovation and clean coal at the EU Commission)
Dr Ivan Dudurych (Chartered Power System Consultant Engineer at EirGrid, Associated Professor)
Prof. Alessandro Sorce (University of Genoa, PUMP-HEAT vice coordinator)

TURBO-REFLEX, PUMP-HEAT and sCO2FLEX have been supported by the European Union with a total funding of 18.7 million Euros for developing and demonstrating new technological solutions to support the future energy system.

TURBO-REFLEX aims to develop and optimise technologies applicable to a selected set of turbomachinery engine components, which can be used to retrofit existing power plants to reduce costs per cycle, increase low load capability of existing plants and increase load following capability.

PUMP-HEAT integrates heat pumps, thermal energy storage and advanced controls to take advantage of the unexploited energy in power plants and to un-tap the flexibility potential of cogenerative installations, increasing their annual operational efficiency.

sCO2-flex is looking to develop and validate a scalable/modular design of a 25MWe Brayton cycle using supercritical CO2 that will enable an increase in the operational flexibility (fast load changes, fast start-ups and shut-downs) and in the efficiency of existing and future coal and lignite power plants, thus reducing their environmental impacts, in line with EU targets. The project aims at building expertise on sCO2 for electricity generation and the consortium is also interested in investigating its possible application to renewables such as CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) and biomass.

Conference Organisation:

TURBO-REFLEX Project office / ARTTIC
Contact person: Elsa Calmette
phone +49 (0)89 248 8303-34
Registration and further information:

TURBO-REFLEX, PUMP-HEAT and sCO2FLEX projects have received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No. 764545, No. 764706, No. 764690, respectively.


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