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LEGaTO: Low-Energy Heterogeneous Computing Workshop

The ‘Low Energy Heterogeneous Computing Workshop’ will be held online on Friday 7 September 2020 and collocated with FPL 2020.

The workshop is organised by the LEGaTO project as its final event, with the aim to engage the Artificial Intelligence, Smart City, Smart Home, Healthcare and IOT communities to evangelize the low-energy optimization techniques that we have developed for these communities during the lifetime of the project.

Industrial Technologies
4 September 2020 - 4 September 2020
Online event, Spain

LEGaTO is a three-year H2020 project on developing a toolset for low-energy heterogeneous computing that also considers fault tolerance, programmability and security. The project optimized a number of use cases for low-energy. The objective of the workshop is to apply the optimization low-energy techniques to other stakeholders in each of the project’s use cases.

In particular, we will showcase how the heterogeneous low-energy small form-factor hardware could be coupled to an energy efficient runtime to produce one order of energy savings across these use cases. The workshop will consist of invited talks from these communities and will include insights gained during the project for ensuring fault-tolerance and security in addition to energy efficiency.

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